What is Bike Oxford?

Bike Oxford is a newly implemented program established to motivate individuals to participate in physical activity. We support those who chose to use bikes to cycle to work and around the campus and community. Joining this program will give participants access to bikes, helmets, locks, and participation in programs offered. This program will host monthly activities members can engage in. Participants can bring their own bikes and still have access to these things if you chose to join Bike Oxford.

Bike Oxford Fee Schedule 

· Early Registration for Academic Year: August 19th-September 13th: $25

· Academic Year Registration: September 14th – May 9th: $35

· Fall Semester Registration: September 14th - December 20th: $30

· Spring Semester Registration: January 15th - May 9th: $30

· Daily Fee: $5 per day (Those who do not wish to opt into the program can choose this option). 

· Late fee: $10 per day

· Lost Bike: $450

· Lost/Damaged Lock: $15

· Lost/Damaged Helmet: $15

Bike Oxford Guidelines 

· All students, faculty and staff of Emory are eligible to join Bike Oxford.

· Bikes are on a first come, first serve basis.

· Individuals that bring their own bikes are required to follow the “Cyclists Expectations” outlined below.

· Bikes checked out are to be returned daily. No bikes can be kept overnight.

· A valid Emory ID must be presented to check out a bike.

· All bikes rented must be returned no later than 10:00 pm or by the close time of the facility.

· Regular wear and tear maintenance are included in the fee.

· Damages in excess of normal wear and reasonable use will be assessed a fee in accordance with repair costs.

· Examples of said damages include (but are not limited to) the major misalignment of a wheel, bent or broken shifters, cracking in the frame, etc. Determination of damage is at the discretion of Bike Oxford.

· Renter assumes responsibility to properly lock bicycle. Theft of the bicycle due to failure to properly lock bicycle will result in the assessment of replacement cost to renter. Bike Oxford transfers responsibility for theft of equipment to renter.

Any questions about bike rental policies and/or procedures should be referred to Krystal Gathright by email at: krystal.gathright@emory.edu

 Cyclists Expectations 

· Bicycles are operated as motor vehicles in the state of Georgia. The law mandates that cyclists ride with traffic, not against. 

· Pursuant to state law, all cyclists riding at night must have a white front light and a red rear blinking light on the bicycle. It’s also encouraged to wear bright colors or reflective gear. While state law does not require individuals over the age of 16 to wear a helmet, participants will be required to wear a helmet during Bike Oxford activities

· Bicycles are required to be secured in areas designated solely for bikes

· Bicycles should not block accessible entrances/exits from buildings or pathways.

· Bicycles should not be locked to fences, posts, or emergency light/intercom poles

· Bicycles should not be locked to handrails or block an accessible path.

· Bicycles found in violation will be removed and may be reclaimed through the Bike Oxford program.

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