Equipment Rentals

Equipment Policy 

The Center for Healthful Living has a variety of recreational equipment that is available for users to check out with a valid Oxford ID. Equipment can be checked out from the Recreation office located across the hall from the basketball court.

· A valid Emory ID is required to check out any equipment

· We do not accept any other forms of ID or items to be used as a collateral such as a driver’s license, credit cards, cell phones, computers, or anything else

Equipment Check out procedures

· Present your Oxford ID to the attendant and let them know what equipment you would like to check out

· Please be sure to inspect equipment before leaving the facility

· When returning the equipment, the attendant will make sure everything is returned in the proper condition

· Equipment must be returned by the individual who checked it out

Lost or Damaged Equipment

· If equipment is lost or suspected to be stolen, the individual who checked out the equipment will be charged a replacement charge after 5 days of the expected return date.

· If equipment is found by someone else within the 5 days and returned, no fee will be assessed.

· If the equipment is damaged, staff reserves the right to determine if the damage was caused by the individual checking the equipment out or due to regular wear and tear. If deliberate damage is obvious then a replacement charge will be assessed